BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots — Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in particular — make it a weekly routine to sing the praises of their opponents on any given week. That’s the case whether they’re facing a Super Bowl contender or an 0-12 Bills team.

Yet there are times when the compliments are more sincere than others, and that’s certainly true whenever Brady and Belichick have spoken about Darrelle Revis.

It’s no doubt a relief for Brady to no longer have to worry about Revis being on the other side of the ball looking to pick off his passes. The same is true for Revis, who no longer has to worry about facing No. 12.

“I’m very relieved. I think the feeling is mutual for me and Tom,” Revis told’s Jackie Brittain. “I feel like he’s the best quarterback I ever faced, as well. We’ll still compete in practice, but I know on Sundays we’ll be on the same side, wearing the same jersey.”

When asked why he chose New England when so many teams were after him, the answer was time and again the same he had for reporters during his conference call: Winning.

“I felt New England was the right spot for me. Because for me, it’s all about winning. It’s really about winning. I felt like New England was the best place and the best fit for me,” Revis said. “It’s something special I feel, I really do. It’s something special. They think highly of me, and I think highly of them as well. When I played for the Jets, we’ve been rivals, and it was always great competition. But now I’m a part of the family, the Patriot family, and I’m excited about it.

“I’m just trying to soak it all in and do it the Patriot Way. And the Patriot Way is winning,” Revis added. “That’s all we’re concerned about is just winning games and getting back to a Super Bowl.”



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