By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Dan McCarthy and his older brother, Sean, say it was a long time ago, but they will never forget the dead body they found behind their Milton home 19 years ago.

“It was dark outside. I remember seeing a body in the back yard basically. I was like ‘Where did it come from and what’s going on?” he recalled.

Sean says that on Christmas Day 1995 he and his brother were walking their new puppy when they stumbled upon the body of 23-year-old Rolando Coxon.

His body was found at what is now the Milton Senior Center.

Now 19 years later, police say they believe they’ve caught the man who killed Coxon.

“I vividly remember it. He was wrapped in a blanket. He was a bearded man and he had duct tape around his mouth and ankles,” Sean McCarthy said.

Pennsylvania State Police arrested 48-year-old Joslyn Bailey recently for a traffic violation.

Boston police are now trying to get Bailey extradited back to Boston.

“It didn’t even dawn on me it’s been 19 years. I assumed they caught the man already. It’s good they followed through and were able to catch him,” Dan McCarthy said.

Days after the murder, police searched an apartment in Mattapan that Bailey had been renting at the time.

Investigators recovered a gun, duct tape and bullet fragments, and found a carpet covered with blood stains.

For years they’ve been unable to find Bailey until now.


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