BOSTON (CBS) — Mya, 8, and Cassidy, 6, are African American and Caucasian sisters who love each other very much. Legally freed for adoption, they hope to find a family where they could grow up together.

Mya is outgoing and talkative and has a strong will. She thrives on individual attention and praise. Mya enjoys playing outside, watching movies, playing with dolls, and being with her sister. She is very bright and observant of everything going on around her. She does well in school and is insightful. She enjoys being in a family environment, and does best when consequences are consistent and always followed through on.

Cassidy is fun-loving and loves to laugh, and like her big sister, she can also be strong-willed. Cassidy loves to be able to run around, play outside, play with dolls, color, and watch movies. She is able to bring smiles and laughter to those around her. Cassidy also enjoys being in a family environment, and like Mya, benefits from clear structure and consistency.

The girls would do best in a strong two-parent home, preferably with experienced parents. If there were other children in the home, older children would be best.



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