BOSTON (CBS) – Two women were stabbed on Hereford Street in Boston’s Back Bay Friday afternoon.

The stabbing happened close to a Boylston Street fire station and firefighters treated the women before they were taken to the hospital. The victims are 18 and 19 years old. One of the women is listed in critical but stable condition.

Police believe the stabbing was the result of an ongoing dispute between two groups of teens.

“I looked out the window and I noticed that there were these two girls one with blue hair one with blonde hair just fighting scratching each other pulling their hair stuff like that, and there were three other individuals around them,” says Ryan Palmer who witnessed the stabbing.

An officer working a detail was right around the corner at the time. “The detail officer was down the street he was made aware of the situation,” said Boston Police Deputy Superintendent Bernie O’Rourke. “He had to make a decision whether to chase the suspect or tend to the victim, he attended to the victim, and thankfully he did.”

Police are looking for a man and woman who fled the scene, leaving a trail of blood right into the Prudential Center. One of them may have also been stabbed.

The suspects are described as a black male with multicolored sneakers, and a black female wearing black pants and a green hair weave.

Evidence from stabbing on Hereford Street. (Photo from Ken MacLeod)

Evidence from stabbing on Hereford Street. (Photo from Ken MacLeod)


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