BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston Celtics were blown out by the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night, but their faithful fans found something to cheer for.

And it wasn’t just Golden State assistant Brian Scalabrine (don’t worry, Scal got plenty of chants of his own).

With the Celtics down by 30 in the third quarter, fans at the TD Garden needed something to capture their attention. So when a man who looks a lot like late rapper Tupac Shakur (headband and all) was shown on the jumbotron, many began a “Let’s Go Tupac!’ chant.

The chants got even louder when the quarter ended and he was shown again, with Tupac’s “California Love” playing over the speakers.

“Fake Tupac” has been seen at games before, but he was never met with chants by the crowd. And while you may think he’s a fan of teams on the “west side,” he is indeed a Celtics fan.

Which is too bad, because if Tupac is back from the dead, his team isn’t playing great basketball right now.


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