BOSTON (CBS) – MMQB writer Greg Bedard joined Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak to talk some football.

With the start of free agency less than a week away, teams are beginning to make their pitch to the players they want. The culture of the NFL is always changing and with the current emphasis on the pass game, there are certain positions that are valued more than others.

Gresh asked Bedard what the theme of free agency will be this year, to which Bedard responded with a couple of predictions.

“Edge pass rushers are going to get overpaid because there are not that many of them and it’s hard to predict how the rookies are going to come in and impact things.”

The Patriots could use pass rush help but it could be argued it isn’t at the top of their list. Bedard also added that we will continue to see, “running backs getting nothing with cornerbacks getting somewhat paid.”

Unlike in the past when running backs were the focal point of NFL offenses and signed contracts that were amongst the most lucrative in the league, their value has diminished.

Free safeties are also on Bedard’s watchlist as many teams are playing a Cover 1 defense that requires a special type of safety. Teams are utilizing the passing game more than ever and in order to help contain the attack, having a premier free safety helps a lot.

“There are very few safeties available in this league,” said Greg Bedard. “So we can expect to see free agent safeties and those drafted to be paid well.”

Keeping with this same theme, Bedard thinks it would be smart for the Patriots to lock up one of the best cornerbacks in the league: Aqib Talib.

Listen below for the full discussion:


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