BOSTON (CBS) — A few of the Boston Celtics were on a much different floor on Tuesday, helping some local school children put on a play in Dorchester.

Jeff Green and Kelly Olynyk were at the King School in Dorchester to help students put on “Chicken Big” as part of the team’s Read To Achieve Program. Both donned some rather entertaining costumes for the production, with Green dressed as “Chicken Big” himself and Olynyk playing a rooster.

“I don’t think this outfit is that funny,” Green joked with reporters. “It’s fun. We have a good time with the kids and have a few laughs.”

“I’m a chicken, a big chicken,” explained Green. “I protect the little chickens and the rooster. I’m the savior.”

“I guess I’m meant to be the boss or the savior, but then Jeff really comes in and saves the day,” said Olynyk. “I’m the father figure in the coop.”

While they may have felt a little silly in their costumes both Celtics forwards were happy to help the kids learn, and have some fun at the same time.

“We’re just having fun. This is their time to interact with us and see us off the court,” Green said of the students that helped put on the production. “They’re awesome. They were actually helping us out, making us look good on the stage.”

“It’s nice to be here and have some fun with the kids in a school setting, getting them excited about school,” said Olynyk. “Anytime you put a smile on a kid’s face or get them excited about school and learning, you know you’ve done something not everyone can do.”


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