BOSTON (CBS) – The Patriots found success in dealing for one Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback in recent years, and now some signs indicate the same thing could happen again.

According to, the Patriots and Broncos are trying to “shake Revis free” from Tampa Bay, with the idea that his style might not be a fit for new head coach Lovie Smith’s defensive scheme (not to mention the $16 million cap hit).

Mike Florio notes that if a deal were to be made it’d have to happen soon because the Bucs owe Revis $1.5 million on March 13.

This story broke over the weekend and both Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti feel like it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.

“On Saturday you click on ProFootballTalk and you read the headline ‘Patriots, Broncos Trying To Shake Revis Free From Tampa’ and my eyes lit up. My eyes lit up. I’m giving credence to the report. Mike Florio is sneaky good. He comes up with some whoppers, everybody discredits him and it turns out he’s right.

“Florio’s got something here and I believe there is something here,” said Felger to open the show Monday afternoon.

If Revis is not on the Buccaneers roster on March 13 they save $1.5 million and would send to the New York Jets a fourth round pick rather than a third round pick.

Factor in the Brent Grimes contract extension with the Dolphins (4 years, $32 million with $16 mil. guaranteed), and that’s likely what the Patriots would have to do to get Aqib Talib back.

So now the question becomes – if we are to believe Florio’s report is credible – who would you rather have: Aqib Talib or Darrelle Revis?

“To me it’s Revis over Talib, easily. If it takes giving up that first round pick (29th overall) then I do it. Give Tampa Bay that 29th pick in the first round, take Revis and see ya later Talib. That’s what I do if I’m the Patriots. Get me some Revis. Send me to Revis Island,” said Felger.

Tony Massarotti loves the player, but not the money.

“The hip alone makes me worry about Talib. I’ve said that all along, that’s the number one thing I’m worried about with him. I also don’t rule out that somehow you could get both on this team,” said Mazz. “Sure I would take Revis, but $16 million is too high. It’s too high. Is he still the same player?”

Patriots fans: do you take Darrelle Revis for a little more money plus the loss of your first round pick, or would you rather have Aqib Talib at his lower dollars and keep your first round pick?

Listen below for the full discussion and vote in our poll:


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