By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Over the past 24 hours computer guidance has been suppressing the storm to our south minimizing the impact and lowering the snow amounts for Sunday night and Monday…that trend continues.  What was once looking like a sizable snowstorm is now looking like no big deal.


Energy from a large West Coast storm will ignite a zone wintry precip from the Central US all the way into the Northeast.  This zone will be narrow and within there will be a narrow ribbon of intense snow.  An Arctic front is sliding down from the north and will pass through and south of us before the ribbon of snow can get into Southern New England effectively deflecting it to our south through the Mid-Atlantic.


The result will be limited snow here in Massachusetts with a coating up to two inches and 2-4 inches along the South Coast.  The Monday morning commute will be a bit slow with some snow covered roads especially south of the Mass Pike.

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