Torey Krug made a rather dazzling play in the offensive zone on Wednesday night to help set up a power-play goal by Milan Lucic, but the young Bruins defenseman’s excitement was tempered by a pair of defensive mistakes that led to Buffalo goals.

Krug joined Andy Gresh and Bob Socci on Thursday, and he acknowledged that he and the team have to be just a bit better defensively to live up to the Bruins’ reputation.

“I have made a lot of progress. I think the coaching staff is definitely showing a little bit more confidence in me, putting me out in situations where maybe earlier in the season, they wouldn’t,” Krug said. “I made a couple of mistakes last night and it led to goals against our team. I’m trying to limit those. Earlier in the season, it seemed to be a regular thing. Right now, I’m trying to make sure the coaching staff has that confidence in me.”

After the nearly three-week Olympic break, Krug said that rust was no excuse for the defense to allow five goals to Buffalo.

“You can’t make excuses. We hold ourselves to a higher standard here,” Krug said. “Offensively we were great, and defensively we were not. That’s something that as the Boston Bruins we take pride in. We want to show up on a nightly basis and let them know it’s going to be a hard night offensively for the opposing team.

Listen to the full Torey Krug interview, which includes his thoughts heading into a trade deadline, his favorite old school game show and his thoughts about the NHL participating in future Olympic Games.


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