By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston Police officer is under investigation because a woman claims he propositioned her for sex and then followed her home after a traffic stop.

The victim’s name is Jessica. The 22-year-old Boston resident spoke to WBZ-TV about her allegations.

“I’m angry. I’m still scared. I shouldn’t have to be scared of a police officer,” she said.

Jessica says it happened around two in the morning on February 8th. She was driving with a friend and had taken a wrong turn, finding herself lost in the Roxbury neighborhood.

A Boston Police officer pulled her over for speeding. She says he never got out of the car. He pulled next to her and rolled down the window.

“He started the conversation off with, ‘what are you pretty girls doing out here tonight?’, something along the lines of that.”

Then, Jessica claims, the policeman told her that if she gave him oral sex he would let her go.

“I was so scared that I froze. I had absolutely nothing to say,” she recalls. Disgusted, she drove away. The officer allegedly told her he would follow her home.

The two young women were afraid, so they drove to a Dunkin Donuts in Roslindale and went inside. When they returned to their car, the officer was still waiting for them in his cruiser.

“We were kind of like, what are we going to do here? Do we call 911 when he is 911?” Jessica said.

A Boston Police Department spokesman confirms that the Internal Affairs division is investigation an allegation of misconduct against the officer. “This is an allegation the Boston Police Department takes very seriously. Should the allegation be sustained, disciplinary action will be sure to follow,” the spokesman said.

In the meantime, the officer is still on patrol.

Jessica says based on the officer’s easy going manner as he allegedly propositioned her, she doesn’t believe she’s the first woman he’s targeted. She fears he will strike again if he’s not taken off the streets.

“I don’t want a warning. I don’t want an apology. I want his badge taken away,” she says.

Mayor Marty Walsh was disturbed to hear what he did in the WBZ-TV report.

“Certainly I was not happy when I heard that. I can’t really comment too much on it yet till our investigation is complete, but I’m not happy with an allegation like that against any police officer,” Walsh said


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