The Adam Jones Show: Rich Keefe Names The Undertaker As Most Clutch Athlete In Sports

BOSTON (CBS) – As has become the norm, a medley of topics were tackled on Tuesday night’s Adam Jones Show. Adam Jones and Rich Keefe offered their opinions on everything from Grady Sizemore, to Tank-a-polooza, to the return of the Undertaker on Monday Night Raw.

In last night’s Game of Jones, Adam decided to play a little bit of Over/Under. He speculated on the Celtics win total for the remainder of the season, the number of Bruins added to the roster before the playoffs start, how much Jon Lester will make on his next contract, the number of games Grady Sizemore will appear in, and most importantly, how fast Jones would run the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

Start by listening to Game Of Jones here:

Game Of Jones

In last night’s show there was also another installment of Keefer Madness. Here, Rich shows that he is A Real American, and discusses professional wrestling. He was pretty fired up that Hulk Hogan returned to Monday Night Raw, brother, and that Hogan will be hosting the upcoming WrestleMania XXX. Keefe was also excited that the Undertaker made his triumphant return, and will be defending the impressive record in sports, his undefeated 21-0 record at Wrestlemania, at this year’s pay-per-view.┬áKeefe went on to note that “barring Joe Montana, the Undertaker is the most clutch athlete in the history of sports.”

Listen to the madness ensue here:

Keefer Madness

Jones also discussed the struggling Celtics at length in his “Celtics at 7” segment, and kicked it off by praising Sean Grande’s announcing prowess. From there, he began to talk about the Celts’ actual play on the court, and the probability of them dropping into one of the top 3 slots in this off-season’s NBA Draft.

You can listen to Celtics at 7 and the best Sean Grande’s puns here:

Celtics at 7


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