By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Ice melt is in short supply in many local communities.

“It’s really the whole pipeline that’s in bad shape right now,” said Paul Aubin, who owns Aubin Hardware in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Aubin says demand has been high because of all the storms, and because manufacturers have moved on to spring.

“Right now everything is geared toward March, April and May,” said Aubin. “So it’s all going to be fertilizers, potting soils, peat mosses, grass seeds. That’s what’s coming in the next three or four weeks.”

Across town at Milligan and Currier Hardware, the store was down to one bucket—and it was marked ‘sold’.

“Everybody seems to be in the same predicament,” said owner Bernie Lubel.

Several major retailers contacted by WBZ-TV also said they were out of ice melt. It was unclear when and if any more shipments would be coming in.

The one bright spot may be the weather itself.

“Always in March it gets sunnier,” said Aubin. “The days are longer, the sun is higher, and it does start to melt.”



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