Good morning everybody! If you’re up early, beware of black ice. I had quite the slippery ride into work…secondary roads & untreated surfaces are very slick.  This threat should diminish by 8-9 AM as temps rise above the freezing mark across the board.


Otherwise, we’re in for a bright, breezy and mild day with highs around 50 degrees this afternoon! You know what that means…more melting and another refreeze tonight as the colder suburbs drop to around the freezing mark.  The ice shouldn’t be as widespread as this morning, but a few patches are likely tomorrow morning so use caution.

Tomorrow won’t be as mild as today, but we’ll still manage to come well into the 40s despite cloud cover.  An approaching cold front will spark some scattered afternoon and evening showers…mainly in the form of rain.  There may be a few snowflakes that mix in north and west of Boston, but no more than a coating (if that) will accumulate.

The frontal boundary will stall somewhat Sunday night into Monday, focusing some light snow showers…and marking the return to the cold air. The next chance of plowable snow comes Wednesday as moisture from the south & energy to our northwest combine to create a large storm over the ocean. The obvious questions are how strong will it be and how close will it come to our coastline…

In the meantime, enjoy the mild air while it lasts  – we plunge into the deep freeze again next week!

nov11TEMPGRAPH (1)


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