BOSTON (CBS) — A mix-up in an order of French fries has launched some viral tweeting after a manager got hot under the collar over complaints about Cajun fries and was a bit careless in his spicy response.

John Brown and his co-workers are regular customers of the Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Framingham.

“We have a group called Five Guys on Fridays and we order online from them,” Brown said.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Laurie Kirby Reports

Last Friday, the guys were unhappy that the Cajun fries were thrown in the same bag as the regular fries. So Brown sent a polite email asking Five Guys to please separate the fries.

That’s when, as Brown puts it, the “explosion happened.”

A district manager at the chain mistakenly CC’d Brown on an email he sent from his (not-so) smart phone.

In his message the manager called Brown’s co-workers tools and used several choice four-letter words about Brown.

“As a person who’s worked in customer service,” Brown said, “no one, not even his manager, should have gotten that email and the profanity laced tirade that was in there.”

The email made Brown so made he tweeted it. And faster than you can say “do you want Cajun fries with that?” the tweet went viral.

“It’s gotten overblown,” Brown said. “I’m the one that learned the hard way about the power of the Internet … I’ve gotten tweets from people all over the place.”

But there’s a side to the story that’s much easier for Brown and his pals to swallow.

Among the people reading those tweets where some higher ups at Five Guys who apologized and struck a deal with Brown.

The burger chain has agreed to donate money in the name of Brown and his office buddies to a charity that helps wounded veterans in Boston.



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