BOSTON (CBS) – It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time for Over/Under on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.” In this edition, Rich Keefe and Adam Kaufman go Over/Under with the following topics…

USA Men’s Ice Hockey wins for the rest of the Winter Olympics: 2

“I will absolutely say over. I think they were the most impressive team over the first three games. I think they can definitely win the gold, and I didn’t think they could before the tournament to be honest,” said Rich Keefe.

Olympic medals won by Bruins players: 2

“I feel like that one has push written all over it,” said Keefe.

Home runs by Will Middlebrooks in 2014: 25

“I’m going over. I feel like he’s going to play most of the year, and that’s obviously the biggest key there. Middlebrooks is like Mike Trumbo in that he doesn’t get on base, he hits for a low average and strikes out a lot – Middlebrooks can do that, so if he can stay in the lineup he should be at about 30 home runs, I don’t think that’s outlandish,” said Keefe.

# of Celtics trades before Thursday’s deadline: 2

“This one also has push written all over it, but I’m going over. I think Brandon Bass and Jeff Green both get dealt, and then I think you’ll see some sort of very minor trade where you’re swapping stuff around. I think the Celtics will be very busy. Keith Bogans could get dealt and so could Rondo. They have a lot of guys on the trading block.”

Snowstorms the rest of the winter: 3.5


Listen below for the full discussion and leave us your answers in the comments section!:


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