BOSTON (CBS) – The NBA trade deadline is this Thursday at 3:00pm and perhaps no team has been rumored to be in on potential trades more than the Boston Celtics.

Through various trades and deals the Celtics’ VP of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge has 17 total draft picks to work with, including his own, over the next five years – and at 19-35 it’s clear the C’s are building towards their next championship in that time span.

Will Gordon Hayward be a part of that process?

The Utah Jazz forward played for coach Brad Stevens at Butler University, and a rumored deal to bring Hayward to Boston has been discussed this week as well as in the past.

Rich Keefe debated the potential move Tuesday night.

“I don’t know how much of an improvement that is. If you were talking about resigning Rondo, and then Gordon Hayward and Jared Sullinger are your three guys going forward I’ll be honest I don’t love that. I think Gordon Hayward is a little bit better than Jeff Green, but I don’t think all that highly of Jeff Green.

“Gordon Hayward is in the exact same situation that Avery Bradley is in. He did not reach a long-term deal, so he could be a restricted free agent at the end of this year. Even if you don’t immediately come to terms with something, if you make a trade for Hayward you do sort of control his rights – but I would like to know what the asking price is first. I don’t love the player and I certainly don’t hate the player, I just want to know what the catch is and what you’d have to give up to acquire Hayward.”

Listen below for the full discussion:


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