By Dan Roche, WBZ-TV SportsBy Dan Roche

FORT MYERS, Fla. (CBS) – David Ortiz reported for duty on Tuesday here in The Fort and it didn’t take him long to make some noise/news.

On a day when Ortiz said to us that he would talk on Wednesday….he fired this quote off to John Tomase of the Boston Herald as he left the premises:

“I don’t even know why they’re bitching about me talking about contracts,” Ortiz said. “Guys putting up my numbers, they’re making $25, $30 million. I’m not asking for that. I’m asking for half of it. And they’re still bitching about it? (Expletive) them. I’m tired of hearing them talk (expletive) about me when I talk about my contract. Hey, every time I talk about my contract, I earn it, (expletive). So don’t be giving me that (expletive).”

You know what? He’s right.

David Ortiz is coming off a season where he hit .309 with 30 HRS, 103 RBI, with an OBP of .395, a slugging percentage of .564 and an OPS of .959. He then went out and hit an astounding .688 with an OPS of 1.188!!!!!!

And, did I mention that he put up those numbers at the age of .307.

Now, for those fans who are sick of David talking about his contract….stop listening. Why? Because every time Ortiz does……he still puts up great numbers. Isn’t that all that matters?

Ortiz isn’t asking for a 5 year extension. If he tacks on another year at 15-million how does that hurt the Red Sox. Even if Ortiz was to suddenly stop producing….that two years doesn’t handcuff the team financially for the future.

I’m sure a deal will get done and I’m sure David Ortiz will continue to talk about his contract whenever he’s asked.

Just tune it out and enjoy his hitting.

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