BOSTON (CBS) – Today was a special All-Star Weekend edition of the “Celtics @ 7” with Adam Kaufman after Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk shined in the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night.

The hour focused on the upcoming NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20 and who could be coming and going as it pertains to the C’s. Kaufman said Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, and Kris Humphries are the most likely players to be dealt, while he’s confident Rajon Rondo and Sullinger won’t move because any blockbuster in the next week is unlikely. He also outlined a few players, some more realistic than others, that Boston should explore acquiring.

Kaufman questioned whether the Celtics have a clear direction and felt only Danny Ainge can determine whether or not this year will end in the playoffs or the lottery. Currently, neither situation is necessarily more likely than the other in a putrid Eastern Conference, but Ainge can change that if he’s able to move a few key parts in the best long-term interests of the organization. Ainge shouldn’t just accept pennies on the dollar for his players, but overvaluing those same guys is not the answer either.

Enjoy the podcast below.

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