By Danielle Niles

While it’s quiet start this morning across New England…we’re only a few hours away from the onset of another significant winter storm! Let’s get right to the details.

Timing: Areas of snow develop between 1-4 PM (starting briefly as rain along the South Shore and Cape Cod). Steady snow between 4-7 PM (still rain on Cape). Heavy snow 7 PM-midnight, 1-3” per hour snowfall rates in eastern MA (rain changes to snow 7-10 PM from upper to lower Cape, respectively). Snow tapers west to east between 1-4 AM.

Accumulation: Widespread 6-10” in eastern MA, less on the far outer Cape/Islands (3-6”) and along/outside of 128. 10-14” on the South Shore to the upper Cape.

feb14thsnow1 A Favor To Ask

Wind: Northeast wind freshens this afternoon, gusting between 30-40 mph by the early evening. As the storm center approaches, the wind will shift to the north, gusting to 55 mph at the coastlines of southeast MA and eventually the northwest as the low pulls away from southern New England, rapidly intensifying to our east.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few gusts near 60 mph on the outer Cape/Nantucket around or just after midnight. Away from the shore, expect gusts to 40 mph.

Projected Wind Gusts, 2 a.m. Sunday

Projected Wind Gusts, 2 a.m. Sunday

Impacts: Road conditions deteriorate this afternoon. Difficult and treacherous travel this evening – reduced visibility, snow covered roads, blizzard conditions at the coastline. Some pockets of outages and tree limb/branch damage may occur at the height of the storm in southeast MA.

Coastal concern: Seas will build 8-12 feet tonight. Minor coastal flooding and splash over is possible on north facing beaches on the bay side of Cape Cod, Provincetown and Nantucket 2 hours either side of the midnight high tide cycle.

Coastal Flood Advisory

Coastal Flood Advisory

Expect sunshine out of the gate tomorrow, but it will be blustery and cold. Highs will top out around or just shy of 30 but wind chills will be in the teens.

Now…I have a favor to ask. Before you go to bed tonight and/or as soon as you wake up Sunday morning, could you send our weather team your snowfall total? You can find me on twitter and facebook…or shoot us an email at  We always appreciate your reports, but especially when the brunt of the storm happens at night and we’re ready and waiting for the totals in the morning.  I’ll be live in the “jackpot” community tomorrow morning and Todd will be in house taking us through the forecast for the next several days which does feature another chance of snow but mild air too. See you in the AM!



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