By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

As this storm wraps up, there is no resting around here…all eyes are on the next potential storm expected to impact us over the weekend.  Here it is in the Midwest…not too bad…

Central Great Lakes sector

But when it gets off our coastline it blows up in to a beast!


The question is how close to our coast does this occur?  Right now we feel it will be close enough for several inches of snow in Eastern MA with very little accumulation inland through Central and Western New England.  Winter Storm Watches are in place for late tomorrow and Saturday night for the Eastern MA coastline and all of SE MA…this is where the potential exists for 6″ or more of snow.  At this time the locals with the highest potential for 6″ or more are the South Shore, The Cape and Cape Ann.  Along with the snow, as the low explodes, wind gusts will get impressive along the coast with the potential for gusts over 40mph.  The wind and snow will limit visibility along the coast creating very difficult driving conditions Saturday night.


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