BOSTON (CBS) – In looking at all the Winter Olympic events hockey might be the only true sport of the bunch, but every four years we have the privilege of enjoying unusual events like curling, bob sled and the biathlon.

While most sports are tolerable, snowboarding, known by those on the mountain as “shredding the gnar,” is not an event that Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti particularly enjoy.

“When I think of the elite athletes in the world I think of those guys on the halfpipe that all hit the same bong later on. Let’s all go to the Kremlin and get high!” joked Mazz.

For Felger, his problem with the Olympics is how they’ve started to include events with no historical background.

“To me the Olympics should be the classic, timeless disciplines. Who runs the fastest? Who jumps the highest? Who skis the fastest down the hill? These games started in ancient times, here’s two guys on the top of the hill with skis and who gets to the bottom the quickest?

10 Questions With Wiggy: Other Than Hockey Are There Any Real Sports In The Winter Olympics?

“Hockey, curling – these things have been played for a long time. It makes perfect sense. At what point in our history, ever, did we have dudes on a snowboard going down the mountain and jumping on metal objects and doing loop-d-loops and have people with cards judging you? Since when did X-Games, stoner nonsense invade the Winter Olympics?” said Felger.

Tony has certain criteria for what should be an Olympic event.

“If the primary scoring system is based on judging – it’s out! Figure skating, slopestyle, whatever the hell you call it I do not care. It’s fitting because after these guys hit the halfpipe they go and hit the full pipe and get smoked! It’s a joke!”

Listen below for the full discussion:


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