BOSTON (CBS) – Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettite hung up the pinstripes at the conclusion of the 2013 season, and now fellow Yankee pillar Derek Jeter will do the same at the end of ’14.

“The Captain” announced Wednesday through his Facebook account, “I know it in my heart. The 2014 season will be my last year playing professional baseball.” Jeter, who turns 40 in June, played in just 17 games for the Yankees last season.

The five-time World Series champion and 13-time All-Star is one of Tony Massarotti’s top 10 favorite players of all time. And while he’s sad to see him go, it did not come as a surprise to the Sports Hub host.

“If Derek Jeter announced today he’s retiring now and not playing the season I wouldn’t be surprised – his 2013 was that bad,” said Mazz. “I’m eager to see how it goes with Jeter this year. What if it doesn’t go well? That’s not out of the realm of possibility. What if he can’t play shortstop anymore? What are they gonna do with him?”

Michael Felger thinks that the Yankees would be best served if Jeter agreed to play third base or designated hitter, but as history indicates players of his stature often resist switching positions in the twilight of their career (see: Cal Ripken Jr.) .

But Stephen Drew is still a free agent, so wouldn’t the Yankees be better off with Drew rather than Jeter in the middle infield? Absolutely.

Regardless of his gradual decline Jeter is undoubtedly the leader in that clubhouse, which is why Felger thinks this could spell bad news for the Boston Red Sox.

“This makes the Yankees more dangerous this year. It just does. It’s an intangible thing, and I know I can’t prove it, but sometimes you know it just happens,” said Felger.

“I saw Ray Lewis and Ed Reed do that in Baltimore and there was meaning to that season. I think it helped the Ravens, I don’t think it hurt them. I think it helps the Yankees this year. It gives them this ‘Win one for Derek’ mindset.”

Listen below for the full discussion:



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