BOSTON (CBS) – Who doesn’t love the Olympics?

It only takes place once every four years, and athletes from all walks of life from around the globe travel to one, singular destination to compete for the gold medal.

The only problem is gold medals aren’t really made of gold.

In fact, they haven’t been since 1912. The medals for each Olympics look different. The Sochi medals are meant to reflect the landscape of the Russian city with its “snowy peaks and sandy beaches,” which Adam Jones and Rich Keefe joked “more like dead stray dogs, leaky septic systems and broken doorknobs.”

So the gold medals aren’t made of gold, but another problem with the Olympics is the coverage.

The events that air during the daytime are the same ones that air at night, only with different commentators – which makes for a confusing broadcast.

Not only that, but “live coverage”? How much of this “live coverage” is actually live?

Rich Keefe seems to think that NBC has a very loose interpretation of what “live coverage” really is.

Listen to Rich Keefe’s Olympic Minute below, including his thoughts on the new event Team Figure Skating:


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