By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

WESTON (CBS) – Tiina Smith, of Weston, is preparing to travel to Russia to cheer on her Olympian son Trace Smith.

Trace has dual citizenship and will compete for Estonia in Alpine Skiing. His mother is so proud to be able to watch him. “As a parent I feel delighted to be able to go over there and try and watch my kid do the best he can do,” Smith told WBZ.

But as she prepares to leave the United States, there are more and more restrictions for travelers visiting Sochi.

On Thursday, the TSA announced that no liquids, gels or powders would be allowed in carry-on luggage for flights to Russia.

The new rules are a precaution against terror threats. Extremist groups in the Caucasus region of Russia have vowed to try to disrupt the Olympics and have threatened to use items like toothpaste to make explosives on board airplanes.

Smith says she remains confident in security measures being taken to protect athletes and their families.

“I think we prepare for the worst, but hope for the best and I think that there are a lot of Olympic families that feel that way,” she said.

Trace Smith has trained since he was 10 years old with a dedication to achieve his goals. The Olympics are the culmination of those sacrifices.

His mother says the challenges of Sochi won’t stand in his way. “I think it takes away from my experience because I have to think about it, but the athletes are so focused on their ability to produce the best possible results of their lives,” she said. “Right now it’s about being in the gate and doing your best and he will do that.”


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