BOSTON (CBS) – A recent tweet shows that Big Papi is determined to have another great season and prove the doubters wrong, and as history indicates, a David Ortiz with a chip on his shoulder is a dangerous one at the plate.

Here’s the tweet:

“I don’t get what he’s talking about exactly,” Mike Felger said Wednesday.

“Has anybody said he’s been out of shape? Is he still fighting against the steroid thing? Because the tweet he sent out would make me think he’s on steroids more – not less – because he’s in phenomenal shape and he keeps getting older and he keeps getting in better shape.”

“I don’t get what he’s driving at,” said a confused Felger.

Tony thinks he has the answer, and it’s not about his physical fitness or putting the steroid stigma to rest.

Once again, it’s about his contract.

“Here’s what he’s driving at Mike: he’s annoyed that people are still doubting his ability and because of that they don’t want to give him a contract extension, whether it’s the Red Sox, Dan Shaughnessy or you or me.”

Ortiz is 38-years-old and signed through next season (at a very fair rate). However, the aging slugger would like more assurances as he enters the final stages of his storied career.

Tony Mazz doesn’t think the Red Sox should budge, especially since they gave him a two-year deal last offseason.

“My gripe with Ortiz is he makes this stuff personal. He thinks that it’s an issue with him and it’s not. It’s an issue with a 38-year-old designated hitter. He just wants to keep reinventing the rules? The rules change for him because he’s David Ortiz?”

“That’s what irritates me.”

Both Felger and Mazz agree that a motivated Ortiz, whether it’s to prove the “haters” wrong or not, is a good thing for the Red Sox.

Listen below for the full discussion:


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