BOSTON (CBS) – Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti weren’t able to catch up with Jermaine Wiggins last week as they were down in Times Square for Radio Row, so there were a lot of topics to get to Tuesday afternoon with the former Patriots tight end.

You know the drill.

Wiggy answers 10 questions (of various levels of intellect) from Felger, and Tony Mazz gets to chime in as well.

Here are today’s 10 Questions:

10. Rank your top 5 coaches in the NFL.

9. If the NFL goes back to a cold-weather city for a Super Bowl, which town other than New York would you choose?

8. Rate Bruno Mars’ halftime performance.

7. Vince Wilfork has a cap number of $11.6m next year and a $7.5m salary. Let’s say Vince won’t renegotiate. You either have to keep him at $11.6 or let him go into free agency. What do you do?

6. Will Aaron Hernandez be found guilty of murder?

5. Wiggy word on the street: “I finally found something for u to peep & see if we can get our names up on da wall!! But we gotta teach em it’s gravy, not sauce!” Please translate.

4. The Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl in nine years despite having the best coach and the best QB in the league, which you have said are the most important factors in the sport of football. So why haven’t they won a title? Give me one reason. Just one. The most important one.

3. Former Rams like Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk still aren’t sure your Super Bowl title in 2001 was on the level. What is your response to that?

2. Your thoughts on Joe Namath’s fur coat?

1. Who will be playing in next years Super Bowl?

Listen below for the full discussion:



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