BOSTON (CBS) – Last night the Seattle Seahawks demolished the Denver Broncos by a score of 43-8.

Sports Hub host Scott Zolak believes the Patriots would have played a far better game against those same Seahawks. Citing the resilient character of the 2013 Patriots, he believes the wounded Pats would’ve only fallen by a score of 10 or 13 points – a far cry from Seattle’s 35 point margin of victory.

He also argued they would have been better prepared, saying they would have had, “Two weeks to game plan to get ready for that, with Belichick.”

Esiason On Toucher & Rich: No Quarterback Could’ve Beaten Seattle Last Night

Co-host Andy Gresh disagreed, saying that he believes New England’s defeat would have come by closer to 24 points. Gresh felt that the Patriots would have been overmatched by a vastly superior team and said bluntly, “The Patriots would have gotten smoked.”

As the segment continued, the guys elaborated on the possibility of an entirely healthy Patriots team in the Super Bowl.

They shared their thoughts on how they may have fared, the impact of the Seahawks’ 12th Man, and how a healthy Rob Gronkowski may have performed against a dominant Seattle defense.

Listen to the full discussion and vote in our poll below:


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