BOSTON (CBS) — Sunday’s pet parade featured a dog, a ferret and a rabbit.

Jo Jo is nine years old and lived in the same home for nine years before being surrendered to the shelter. It’s always heartbreaking when a dog has only known one home so the shelter hopes to find him another great home with a yard to play in.

Jo Jo would do well as a single pet or if there’s other pets in the home, they should be introduced very seriously over time.

Two-year-old Livingston is an active ferret. Ferrets are great pets for people who want an active pet but can’t be home all the time.

Ferrets sleep about 18 hours a day but when they’re awake, they are up and into everything. They’re really fun, active, inquisitive little guys.

The MSPCA also brought a bunny. While they make a really good first pet, they are also very delicate. The shelter offers a lot of resources on its website and is willing to talk to members of the public interested in small animals.

Bunnies have special dietary needs and are very gentle, sweet little animals but be prepared to really take care of them.

If you’re interested in these or other animals, you can contact the MSPCA at



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