BOSTON (CBS) — A Tufts University graduate who was found dead in Thailand is believed to have been trampled to death by elephants.

A search party found the body of Lily Glidden on January 18 inside an elephant sanctuary in Thailand’s Kaeng Krachan National Park, According to the Associated Press. She had gone missing five days earlier.

“Her arms, her wrists and other parts of the body were broken, so we assumed she was trampled by elephants because no humans could have caused such powerful damage to the body,” police Col. Woradet Suanklaai told the AP.

Glidden, according to her social media accounts, was from New York and had been living in Arizona.

Tufts University released a statement on Friday mourning Glidden’s death.

“Lily Glidden graduated from Tufts in 2012 with a major in biology. We are saddened by the death of this talented young woman and extend our sympathy to her family and friends,” the statement said.

The AP reports that Glidden was traveling alone and that officials said she had a number of photos of animals on her camera.

Officials believe she may have sought out the elephants in hopes of photographing them as well.


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