BOSTON (CBS) — Looking for Valentine’s Day candy that will be sweet even after the holiday ends?

New England Confectionery Company NECCO, the maker of the iconic Sweethearts candy is introducing 24 karat gold custom sweethearts, but it will cost you.

The four, half ounce sweethearts come in the traditional Sweethearts box and go for $19,995.

The gold hearts are only available for the first 14 people who go to buy them at NECCO’s online store.

“Each year passionate fans reach out to inform us they love Sweethearts and are constantly seeking more extraordinary ways to express their love,” said Alyssa Hills, NECCO’s director of marketing. “In response to this year’s Valentine’s Day excitement, we are offering even more bold ways of customization – like our solid gold heart stunners.”

For those who are on a slightly lower budget, NECCO is turning to social media to spread tweets you can eat.

NECCO’s #Tweethearts, allows users to create custom candy through Twitter. To customize candy, users can Tweet to @Tweethearts and a customized mock-up of the candy will be sent back to the user. Once designed, the candy can be purchased or shared through social media.

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