BOSTON (CBS) – Wes Welker was nothing but productive during his Patriots tenure. His 672 receptions are the most in team history by a wide margin, edging Troy Brown out by 95 catches in 9 fewer seasons.

And even when Randy Moss was catching a record 23 touchdowns in 2007, Welker always seemed to be the receiver Tom Brady had the most trust in.

The Patriots were unable to reach a deal with Tom Brady’s favorite receiver last offseason, and the same fate could be shaping up now.

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Referencing an article by Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti opened their show wondering about the future of Julian Edelman.

The slot receiver/punt returner played the 2013 season on a one-year deal worth $715,000 with incentives, and caught 105 passes for 1,056 yards and six touchdowns.

Now a free agent, Edelman will likely garner multiple suitors based on his age and breakout year. And if you’re the Patriots, why extend yourself for Edelman when you already have slot receiver Danny Amendola on the roster for 5 years, $30 million and $10 million guaranteed?

Felger & Mazz try to sort through it all.

“Is Edelman a franchise receiver? Is he worth $9, $10 million dollars? They didn’t even want to pay Welker that – and he was a franchise receiver in some respects. I can’t believe they would do that for Julian Edelman,” Felger said on Thursday.

While the franchise tag numbers have not yet been released, the salary cap charge is expected to be between $9 – $10 million. Tony finds it hard to believe that the Patriots will pay that figure for Edelman, plus another $6 million for Amendola.

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“When you look at it, they can’t carry both – or they shouldn’t carry both. They either let Amendola go and deal with the cap ramifications, or you let Edelman go, then you sit down with Tom Brady and say ‘Sorry, did we mention this is the second year in a row we’ve taken your best receiver away from you?’ How do you feel about that if you’re Brady right now?” said Tony Massarotti.

Playing it out, the only hope the Patriots have to bring Edelman back without breaking the bank is pray that none of the other 31 teams have interest, and consider him merely a product of the Brady offense.

Otherwise, the Patriots could be looking at the second year in a row parting ways with their leading receiver.

Listen below for the full discussion:


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