BOSTON (CBS) – It’s Thursday, so that means another role play edition on the Game of Jones.

It’s all about putting yourself in the shoes of different people, trying to get inside their head and figure out the thought process behind important topics.

Let’s get started…

1.) If you are Bruins head coach Claude Julien . . . do you want Tuukka Rask to play for Team Finland to perhaps get in a groove, or do you prefer he get some rest?

2.) If you are Jerry Rice or Deion Sanders, and you are in charge of drafting Pro Bowlers for your team . . .  who would be your first pick on offense and defense to win a game?

3.) If you are USA basketball coach Mike Kryzewski . . . what is your starting lineup for 2014 World Cup of Hoops?

4.) If you are Patriots head coach Bill Belichick . . . why are all your assistant coaches leaving?

5.) If you are Patriots quarterback Tom Brady . . . you said you won’t be watching the Super Bowl, so what will you be doing?

Listen for Adam Jones and Rich Keefe’s answers, and leave us yours in the comments section below:



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