By Jon Keller, WBZ Political Analyst

BOSTON (CBS) — The snow, the ice, the cold and all the havoc they cause – we can get through it much more easily if we do it together and show just a little bit of concern for each other’s plight.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

But, apparently, for some, it isn’t.

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When your mayor pleads with you to move your car off a busy avenue so the plows can clear it, is that really asking too much? For an unfortunate percentage of us, it is.

The evidence of their indifference will take up parking spaces and disrupt pedestrians for quite awhile as their cars sit, encased in snow and ice. Maybe a handful have a valid excuse for just leaving their cars there; the rest are selfish jerks.

And of course, there are the usual suspects out on the road today, speeding, swerving abruptly, and peering out from the tiny hole they’ve carved in their mobile snowballs.

This snowfall can be brushed away with little more than hot breath, but even that is too much exertion for some.

And let me add a new wintertime peeve to this all-too-familiar litany – people who enter a restaurant on a bitter cold day and can’t be bothered to close the door quickly behind them.

If dirty looks could kill, this portion of the clueless population would dwindle quickly.

We all know common courtesy is a dying art, so our expectations are low.

But surviving a tough winter like this one would be so much easier if more people would stop, even for a moment, and consider that they are not the only person on earth, but share it with others who deserve the same consideration they would demand for themselves.

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