BOSTON (CBS) — If you’re hungry for a little history, this is your restaurant. Kitchen, in Boston’s South End, is a cozy laid back spot where outstanding food is inspired by classic recipes from days gone by.

“These recipes have been around for a long time.”

Scott Herritt is Kitchen’s Chef and Owner.

Herritt took his love of old cookbooks, and created an entire restaurant around them.

“I started purchasing them and started reading them, and I just got interested in them, and I used a lot of the stuff I learned to kind of create a menu here.”

So offerings include classics like Tournedos Rossini, Roast Chicken, Bacon Wrapped Scallops and Lobster Thermador. Each one has the original recipe date printed right on the menu.

And while Scott tries to stay true to those recipes, he’s not afraid to give them a little touch of his own.

“To recreate a dish that has just been a classic for so long, sometimes is little bit more pressure than just trying to put some different ingredients together, because I think most chefs feel like the famous chefs from back in the day are watching them. It’s almost like when someone redoes a Beatles song, it’s a lot of pressure. But you want to take it, and you want to make it, and you want to make it your own, and you want people to love your version, but obviously there’s a high bar set.”

And while you dine on Scott’s ‘time honored cookery,’ You’ll hear classic tunes spinning on the record player, sip classic cocktails mixed up at the bar and watch the open kitchen turn out simply great food, no matter what century it’s from.

“At the end of the day, despite the circa dates and everything, we wanted to make those recipes taste good and make the customers happy, and present them with good service and a nice cozy atmosphere.”


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