Felger and Mazz continue their Patriots talk ahead of the AFC Championship game this Sunday. The guys started off by talking about Peyton Manning and whether or not he has the most to prove in this game. Another win by the Patriots would only further assert the dominance of the Brady/Belichick Patriots over Manning’s teams in the playoffs. Additionally, they discussed whose overall resume you would rather have: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Compared to other rivalries such as Bird-Magic, Brady has much more of an edge as far as titles and winning in the postseason than does Peyton Manning. As far as the game itself, Felger and Mazz debate whether or not they’d want the Pats with the ball down by 4 at the end of the game with a chance to win, or down by for, on defense with a chance to prevent the Broncos from scoring. The hour concluded with a rebuttal from Gresh and Zo producer Mark Feldman towards Mazz’s views on Russia

In the second hour, they opened the floor for callers to weigh in on the AFC Championship and whether it is more important from Brady or Manning to get this win. They also rehashed the discussion about the importance of committing the run in regards to winning in the playoffs. Also explored in the second hour is the Patriots track record playing in Denver against the Broncos and the fact that the Patriots have never really had much success there. Off of that, if the Broncos focus on stopping the run, will that put pressure on Brady to have to make big plays?

In the third hour, the guys took more calls on the AFC Championship game, continuing the discussion on whic QB has more to lose by not having a chance to play for the Super Bowl this year. This hour also brought a “Bruins breather” where the guys took a break from talking football to have their weekly chat with Cam Neely about the Bruins, as they get set to face old friend Tyler Seguin and the Dallas Stars for the second time this year. Cam also weighed in on the Olympic break, Zdeno Chara missing a Bruins game to carry his nation’s flag for the Winter Olympics, and the play of Tuukka Rask as of late. They wrapped up the hour by getting back into Patriots talk, and the poll conducted saying that Manning is the most liked QB in the NFL.

In the final hour, Felger and Mazz talked about the legacy of Peyton Manning, and how he can hurt it or help it with his performance in the playoffs. They argue that Manning has more at stake than Tom Brady with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, with Bill Belichick standing in Manning’s way. Also, there was another “Great Moment in Peyton Playoff History”. In Thursday’s Final Word with Marshall Hook, we revisited the rant from Mark Feldman from the Gresh and Zolak Show, defending his Russian heritage from Mazz.


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