By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

WOBURN (CBS) – Woburn Police are looking for the public’s help to identify three armed suspects who robbed a Main Street Walgreens at closing time of thousands and thousands of dollars of controlled substances.

Police have released surveillance video hoping someone will recognize the thieves who wore hoodies and covered their faces. Police say two of the men were brandishing handguns. One suspect grabbed the clerk working at the front of the store and held her down, tied her up with zipties, and threatened her.

It didn’t stop there as the other two headed right for the pharmacy clerk, pushing her to the floor with a semiautomatic handgun to her head, tying her wrists and even stealing her wedding ring.

“It appears to be planned,” says Woburn police chief Robert Ferullo who adds it was fortunate no one in the store was hurt in such a violent attack. The video also shows the men forcing the pharmacist to open the locked cabinet, and fill a box and bag with drugs.

“The high lasts a couple of hours, but it will be with these people forever, it’s traumatic,” said customer Judy Neftico.

They were not deterred by the surveillance cameras, even showing them in action on a monitor. The thieves even leave with their haul in a matter of minutes right past a customer. “You think you see three people walk in with their heads covered there could be an alarm or something to alert people to what’s going on,” said customer Phyllis Corkery.

Police hope by releasing the video someone will recognize them and alert authorities.


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