A satanic group is unveiling its plans for a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan that it wants put at Oklahoma’s state Capitol, in response to a Ten Commandments monument that was placed there in 2012.

The application from the New York-based Satanic Temple includes an artist’s rendering that shows Satan as a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard.

“The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond,” spokesman Lucien Greaves said in a statement. “The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”

The Satanic Temple says a decision by state lawmakers to allow a privately-funded Ten Commandments monument opens the door for its satanic statue. The American Civil Liberties Union has sued to have the Ten Commandments monument removed, and the commission that oversees the monument says it won’t consider new requests until the lawsuit is settled.

Some lawmakers say the proposal would never be approved. “I think we need to be tolerant of people who think different than us, but this is Oklahoma, and that’s not going to fly here,” said Republican Rep. Don Armes.

What do you think of the request? Should commissioners approve the monument, or should religious monuments not be allowed at a government building? Share your comments below.


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