BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ-TV reporter Bill Shields is winning his battle with cancer. Bill returned to work on Monday after two months off, and wanted to share a message with the viewers.

“Hi I’m Bill Shields and I’ve been a field reporter for WBZ for 33 years now, although you might have noticed that in the last couple of months I’ve disappeared. Well, I was doing a little dance with lung cancer. But the good doctors of Dana-Farber have me back on my feet now, although they don’t have my hair growing back yet, but that will come. But I want to say to you the viewer, thank you so much for your cards and letters and your emails I am very humbled by all of it and now I am just happy to be back out here in the field telling your stories. Thank you very much.”

Viewers are invited to leave a message for Bill in the comment section below.

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