By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) — The clean up is well underway in Boston after a nor’easter followed by frigid temperatures caused broken pipes throughout the city.

“We got about six feet in the basement and we are pumping that out now,” Dan Benney said about an MIT fraternity house he was cleaning on Bay State Road Monday.

YWCA employees are using fans to help dry out their office floors after an air conditioner pipe burst.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission received more than 100 calls this weekend for water leaks, frozen pipes and sink holes.

Folks at the Pine Street Inn in Jamaica Plain say several units were destroyed and 50 homeless people had to be evacuated and placed in hotels after a sprinkler pipe broke.

“It came all the way down from the third floor, second, and into the  basement. It was enough to really wreak havoc here,” director Paul Sullivan told WBZ-TV.

And with more frigid temperatures on the way, Boston Water and Sewer officials issued another winter weather advisory.

“If your pipes freeze, use a hair dryer to warm your pipes and don’t use anything flammable,” spokesperson Sean Canty said.


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