BOSTON (CBS) –  Play-by-play man Sean Grande sat down with former WWE announcer Jim Ross before the Celtics took on the Thunder Sunday night in Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma-native is still beaming off the Sugar Bowl, where his Sooners upset Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide 45-31.

Another thing that Jim Ross is happy to talk about is his string of one-man shows that will kick off Saturday March 1st in New York at the Gramercy Theater.

The WWE Hall of Famer has plenty of stories to tell from his years in the business, and he actually got the idea from Bret Hart and Mick Foley.

“I knew that my show would be different. I’m not a comedian, but some of the stories that you talk about from the 1970’s on forward in the crazy world of pro wrestling are just inherently funny. So I thought, ‘What the hell? It might be kind of fun.'”

Ross’ show will take you on a journey from the farms in Oklahoma to where he is now, and after the show the mic is opened for a live Q&A “where no questions are off limits.”

Grande noted Ross’ foray into the social media world of Twitter, where he recently cracked 1 million followers. Ross enjoys being able to communicate with fans who are of like minds.

Ross says his shows are not scripted – he doesn’t go out there with notes or anything – and that his conversation with the audience is simply an extension of what he would have with you at a bar.

“I really have a blast with it,” Ross told Grande Sunday night.

Listen below for the full interview:

You can follow Jim Ross on Twitter @JrsBBQ and Sean Grande @SeanGrandePBP.

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