BOSTON (CBS) — Short Rib Mac and Cheese, Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with blue cheese and Cranberry Bourbon Cheesecake.

If you’re in a comfort food kind of mood, then The Regal Beagle in Coolidge Corner, Brookline is your kind of place.

Named after the fictional hangout on the old television show Three’s Company. This version of The Regal Beagle definitely makes every customer feel like a local.

“It’s a neighborhood joint, that’s doing some really cool stuff, from the cocktails to the food. There’s a love of love put in here, and that’s kind of what makes the neighborhood joint, you know what I mean. It’s just a lot of people who really care about what’s going on and what the people want to eat and drink.”

So Executive Chef Stacy Cogswell and her team have put together a menu that offers comfort food classics alongside creative seasonal specialites.

“I’m just really into whatever is super fresh at that moment, and what’s at its peak of the season, because that’s when it’s the best.”

And it’s all served up in a warm and comfortable dining room decorated with low lighting… interesting artwork… and flocked retro red wallpaper that nobody can resist touching. Put it all together, and The Regal Beagle is a recipe for a satisfying, great meal.

“The look on people’s faces after they finish their meal. And I come out to the dining room a lot and do table visits, and just that sort of elated satisfied look on their face, and they’re happy.”

For more food and fun watch the Phantom Gourmet on Saturday and Sunday mornings on myTV38.


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