Good morning everyone! My forecast thoughts haven’t changed much from yesterday, but I do want to give you a couple of quick updates on today’s storm…

Timing: Rain will arrive between 1-3 PM, falling heavily at times from 5-10 PM before moving offshore quickly after that. Enough cold air moves in on the backside of the storm that the tail end of the precipitation may mix with and changeover to snow along and outside of 495 between 10 PM and midnight.

8pm Rain, Wind And Snow On The Way       10pm Rain, Wind And Snow On The Way

Rain Expected: The picture below gives you a general idea of how much rain to expect. Keep in mind this is one model depiction…in general, 1”-1.5” of rain will fall.  Beware of ponding of water on the roads and poor drainage flooding.  Take it slow if you’re traveling this evening!

2013 grid rain accum poly Rain, Wind And Snow On The Way 

Snow Accumulation: A coating to 1” is possible along/outside of 495 with a ramp up in totals as you head into central Vermont, central NH & much of Maine away from the coast.  The “jackpot” 6-12” will be from east-central NH  through central ME.  Winter sports enthusiasts love this news, but residents of Maine will not be happy with a wet, pasty snow. Scattered outages will be possible as the snow clings to trees and powerlines.

sundayevening 1 Rain, Wind And Snow On The Way 

Wind:  A high wind warning is posted for the Cape and Islands, a wind advisory for eastern Essex County & southern Bristol & Plymouth Counties – both in effect from 5 PM until 1 AM Monday.

2013 warnings 11 Rain, Wind And Snow On The Way

The strongest wind will be from 7 PM until midnight. The storm center will pass near the Cape Cod Canal around 10 PM. Keep in mind the air around low pressure blows in a counter-clockwise direction, so the wind direction will vary. Gusts between 35-45 mph are expected along the southern and eastern coastline of MA…but gusts to 60 mph are possible on Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard, so pockets of damage may occur.

2013 grid wind speed 2 Rain, Wind And Snow On The Way

Now for the First Night forecast (you may not want to hear it).  It’s going to be cold, we know that. The issue is going to be the wind. It’ll kick up behind a cold front Tuesday evening, gusting to 30 mph at times Tuesday night. Skies will be mostly clear but wind chill values will be frigid!

2013 skycast first night Rain, Wind And Snow On The Way



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