BOSTON (CBS) – And to think people were offended by the idea of shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

The firm Experian predicts that a new record for online sales will be set for Christmas Day. They predict 117 million visits to retail web sites. Even after all the Black Friday hype and all the sales and promotions we’ve been bombarded by ever since.

It never seems to be enough. Retailers have been complaining since this shopping season even began thanks mainly to a shorter period due to a late Thanksgiving.

And it’s not like people aren’t shopping. We found a good number of folks at the South Shore Plaza before 5am today. And I know this will surprise you but most of them were men.

But don’t be fooled by the prospect of a Christmas Day shopping blitz.

I was introduced many years ago to the art of last minute shopping by my old Uncle Roman who taught me to embrace that lime green scarf sitting alone on the shelf. So I consider myself to be an expert on procrastinating.

And I’m quite sure that shopping on Christmas Day does not count.

Which brings us a bit closer to the truth. Or should I say the selfie? Let’s be honest, people shopping on Christmas are shopping for themselves.

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