On Saturday’s “Celtics @ 7,” the hot topic was the C’s reported near-trade with the Rockets for Omer Asik. Host Adam Kaufman would have done the trade and he outlined the reasons why it was ideal for Boston, both currently and for the future.

Kaufman was joined by CBSBoston.com Celtics reporter Brian Robb, who offered his thoughts on the deal and why it may have been best for the C’s to stand pat. The two also discussed which direction the team is going in (if it knows), a brutal January schedule ahead, and the progress of injured All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo.

To wrap up the show, Kaufman evaluated the rumored Celtics-Kings deal that involved Rondo and why it would have been an impossible one for Boston to make, even if it wanted to.

Check out the podcast below.

Celtics @ 7: Part 1

Celtics @ 7: Part 2

Celtics @ 7: Part 3


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