BOSTON (CBS) – Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports was a guest of the Felger & Massarotti program on Friday afternoon and he called into question Sports Illustrated’s decision to name Peyton Manning Sportsman of the Year.

It’s one of sports most prestigious awards, and Jerry can’t think of one reason why Peyton deserved to win it.

“What do these national outlets love more than anything? It’s an inspirational story – some human interest thing that transcends sports. Now ordinarily I wouldn’t care, but if ever a city had some skin in the game it’s us this year,” said Thornton.

“What did Manning do? He threw picks that cost his team the playoffs in January, then he sat around for months during the summer while they signed slot receivers and gave him weapons, and this year he’s probably going to set some records. But what did he inspire anybody to do? Buy more Papa John’s?”

For his money, Jerry Thornton feels like David Ortiz is more deserving and should’ve won it based on how his team responded to the Boston Marathon by winning the World Series against all odds.

“Here’s Big Papi before our eyes: he literally healed a wounded city. He goes out and hits grand slams, wins a championship by playing out of his mind and the award goes to the guy who did his part to keep America constipated.”

“This is the same award they gave Drew Brees a few years ago because he set records, won a championship – and oh by the way, his city just went through a terrible calamity [Hurricane Katrina].”

Listen to the full discussion below:


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