MARSHFIELD (CBS) – Family members of a Marshfield woman who died last week during childbirth are trying to raise money for her newborn son.

Christie Billodeau Fazio passed away at South Shore Hospital on December 14 from complications following the birth of her son Jonathan.

Jennifer Billodeau, identified by the Patriot Ledger as Fazio’s cousin, set up a GoFundMe campaign, which has already raised more than $45,000.

Fazio, 30, worked as a nurse at South Shore Hospital. Along with her newborn son, she leaves behind her husband John.

“We ask that you donate to this fund in order to help John care for his beautiful baby boy while grieving for the love of his life,” Billodeau wrote on the web page. “As a new father, he will face many challenges in the days ahead and I pray that we may be able to offer some financial relief to lift some of the burden and allow him to make peace and care for his son.”

Billodeau says Fazio was able to see her son before she passed away.

“She was only able to look into her son’s beautiful face very briefly before she was rushed into emergency surgery but I am certain her smile will leave an eternal imprint on his heart,” Billodeau wrote on the web page.

If you’re interested in donating, click here.

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