BOSTON (CBS) – Even if there isn’t pass interference on a given play, the wide receivers always come up from the ground with their hands in the air looking for the nearest referee to whine to.

That, and the inconsistent nature of how the penalty is called makes the game unwatchable at times for one Michael Felger.

“I keep wanting to say ‘is ruining’ – but it has ruined it. Pass interference has ruined the National Football League,” said Felger.

“It’s around the league. So many big games, so many big plays. I hate the whole culture around it now too. Every play now is not over until you cry to the ref and everyone is left holding their breath if the flag is going to come out or not.”

“Any play at any time. Feels like they never get it right, but how could they? It happens so quick and these guys are so big, and they allow some contact but not a restriction. How do you draw the line between contact and restriction?

“You can’t. It’s impossible.”

Felger of course is referencing the Dane Fletcher pass interference in the third quarter that gave the Dolphins drive new life, and led to a Ryan Tannehill touchdown pass just two plays later.

It also happened to be the Patriots only penalty of the game, so it’s hard to sit here and complain about the officiating when the referees are letting them play for the most part.

For what it’s worth, Felger doesn’t think the flag should have been thrown. In fact, he hates seeing the flag come out on those types of plays.

“I don’t want to see the flags on those kind of plays unless you are taking away a clear catch opportunity. If the receiver beats the defensive back, and the ball is there and the defensive back has to tackle you to prevent the completion — fine, throw the flag.”

“I thought it was just two big guys coming together. I don’t think that was interference. I’d like to see the league not have that be pass interference.”

Listen below for the full discussion:


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