BOSTON (CBS) – It’s hard to be too critical of a team that’s only lost four games all season, and in every one of those games a chance to win in the final minutes.

However, Michael Felger opened the show on Monday taking issue with the Patriots playcalling in the final minute of yesterday’s 24-20 loss against the Dolphins in Miami.

“They had five cracks with time on the clock to score from the 19-yard-line, and then the 14 after Miami gave you five free yards on the offsides with 27 seconds left. I know you didn’t have a timeout, but you could have gotten a first down there. You had five plays at least, I thought you should have had more,” said Felger.

“I think they could have managed that to give you at least one more play. I didn’t like the playcalling, or the decision-making whether it was Josh [McDaniels] or Brady – does it even matter?”

“I didn’t like that sequence, so that’s a second guess I have.”

“There were a couple points there where they could have done something different, but again how fine a line are we drawing here? How perfect do they have to be against that clock and their timeouts? It’s hard to expect that every week – even from this group. Once again they just put themselves in that position because the defense blows,” concluded Felger.

Listen for the full discussion below:



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