BOSTON (CBS) — Icy streets everywhere.

Photo Gallery: View images from this weekend’s snow storm

Massachusetts Department of Transportation officials say salt and sand trucks are still out treating the roadways after this weekend’s snow storm. And as the temperature drops, expect a lot of iced over streets.

“Side roads are very slippy,” Paul Christo of Boston said Sunday. “I work for property management, so I am all over the city. Basically, you have to take slow. It was a tough storm. It went from snow to rain.”

On Sunday, MBTA officials said all commuter trains were up and running, but it took considerable effort.

“Last night, we had snow trains running to make sure the tracks were cleared and we had crews out manually clearing the tracks,” MBTA spokesperson Kelly Smith said. “We have heaters on some of the lines to make sure the switches are clear and functioning.”



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